Our Playgroup is a charity and as such, our aim is to run our finances at a suitably sustainable level. We do not aim to make any profit but to develop a healthy surplus in order to maintain our building, enhance our stock of equipment and to retain contingency funds.

  • Fees are set at the lowest level possible in order to fulfil the above objective.
  • Fees are reviewed annually. The Committee takes full account of financial commitments throughout the year.

Children are eligible to receive Early Years Education Grant Funding from the term following their third birthday. If a place is available for your child before this you will be required to pay fees.

Under 3 years fees – £17 per session
Over 3 Years fees – £15 per session (for additional sessions, above the funded 15 hours)
Lunch Club – £5 per session

If fees are not paid as agreed, the following procedure will apply:

  • The Playgroup Manager will make a verbal request for payment by an agreed date.
  • If no payment is received, the Playgroup Manager will ask for payment in writing, noting that the child’s place could be withdrawn if payment is not forthcoming by a particular date.
  • In the unlikely and unfortunate event that payment is not received, we will reluctantly withdraw the child’s place, and begin proceedings to claim monies owed

Please avoid causing your child unnecessary distress and immediately contact the Playgroup Administrator if there are any difficulties in making payments.

Click Policies and Procedures to read our full document

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