Our Playgroup is staffed and run by an enthusiastic and hard-working team.

In accordance with regulations, we aim to have at least half of our staff qualified in day care or education relating to young children.

We pride ourselves on maintaining good adult to child ratios and aim to operate above the legal requirements of 1:8 for children aged 3 and over and 1:4 for children between 2 ½ and 3 years of age.

Our Key person system ensures each child and family has one particular staff member who takes a special interest in them. They will also observe them and use this information to plan activities suitable for their learning and development. Regular staff meetings provide opportunities for staff to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss the children’s progress and any difficulties.

We aim to meet the playgroup’s staffing needs as far as possible with regular staff employed on permanent contracts. From time to time, we employ other staff on a casual basis, for example to cover emergencies, or on fixed-term contracts, typically to meet a particular short-term need.

We ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to do appropriate training to update their skills and underpin their knowledge and understanding of pre-school children. There are a number of training courses run by the local authority and our staff are encourage to attend these whenever possible.

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer and have a commitment to implementing the group’s Equality and Diversity Policy will form part of the job description for all staff. We have an equal opportunities employment policy, seeking to offer job opportunities equally to both women and men, with and without disabilities, from all religious, social, ethnic and cultural groups.

We are committed to recruiting, appointing and employing staff in accordance with all relevant legislation and best practice.

Find out more about individual staff members, their roles and their qualifications


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